SEO has been constantly changing and evolving since the beginning, and you must be up to speed on current changes and trends if you want to stay above water online. What worked years ago will get you slapped silly by Google today, and what worked last year is already outdated.

The biggest change that people still aren’t completely comprehending: it’s not just about keyword ranking any more. As a business owner, what scenario is more appealing to you:


  • A) You are ranking #1 on Google for five keywords, but the actual ROI is unknown. You are spending $2,000 per month on SEO but there are no concrete revenue and profit figures to justify the spend.
  • B) You spend your money on a professional infographic design and 5 guaranteed authority placements. You didn’t have to do anything. The content was fully researched and all of the placements were handled for you. Then, because of the initial exposure the infographic received, dozens of other websites published it. All together, it generated more than 35,000 social shares and 138,000 unique visitors to your website across the 5 placements. This traffic was also responsible for generating 7,500 new email subscribers and mid five-figures in revenue within just a few short days.


You picked the second one, obviously. The sheer power of infographics is amazing, as long as they are done the right way. That is an actual result for a client of ours, and you can imagine how thrilled they were to receive those kind of results. Now, results will vary for every business, as the website experience, services or products being offered and so many other factors come into play. But, I can tell you this: there is no other form of SEO that can touch the kind of results we get our clients using this strategy.

Another point worth mentioning – This client is in a niche that the likes of Huffington Post, Forbes and so on would NEVER accept. The client wanted those placements though, he demanded them in fact.. the infographic campaign allowed us to get very creative, allowing us to place his link on the sites he wanted.. sites which would normally never allow his niche.

I’m going to explain why this is such an effective option and reference the example above. I strongly urge you to pay attention.

By the end of this blog post you will see clearly why infographics are something your business needs to take advantage of immediately.


All Infographics are NOT Created Equally

There are always going to be some people that don’t think infographics are effective, because they experienced poor results. This is almost entirely due to the quality of the infographic. In order to secure authority placements, the design has to be very well done, and not some template or outsourced piece of garbage. The content has to be well researched in order for the editors to approve it, and then the content and design must work well together to get people to engage with it, share it, and then click through to your website.

There are plenty of infographic companies that sell them for a few hundred dollars, but I can promise you that they aren’t putting in any effort in regards to the content or even the design. Years ago, you could slide by with a sub-par infographic, but now with so much competition, you have to have a high quality infographic.

All of the infographics we use for our clients are done by a leading design agency that we’ve managed to secure a long term contract with, they charge in the range of $1,500 to $2,500 for extensive content research and a complete custom design. The content is put together to help position the clients brand as an industry leader and then we use an angle that will help secure placements on top authority websites.

Getting published on top websites is just part of the reason we only use the highest quality infographics. Sure, you are going to receive a very powerful link, but the topic and design must be so compelling that it causes people to stop and read it. Then, they share it on social media, exposing an even larger audience to it. This plays such a crucial role in the overall campaign. When an infographic goes viral your referral traffic shoots through the roof.


Social Shares Place Your Infographic in Front of a Huge Audience

There is no denying that infographics are responsible for generating more social shares than regular blog posts. They allow the reader to quickly scan through them and take in the message, and they have a fun element that prompts social sharing.

The large authority sites that we secure placements on already receive their fair share of social sharing, but when you add in an infographic the results can be outstanding. Here are just a couple examples of the social shares that we generated for this recent infographic client:






When the infographics attract huge numbers of social shares a few things happen that greatly benefit your client:


  • A) The authority posts get even more attention: If a blog post on a website like Huffington Post or Forbes gains traction and its page views and social shares are large, the post begins to trend. This places it in front of even more viewers, which then helps it go viral and attract even more attention.
  • B) Referral traffic numbers spike: As the infographic receives more views, the number of people that click through to your website exponentially increases. These are typically visitors that connected with the message of the infographic and want to learn more about the company that created it. This is free traffic that you don’t have to pay a cost-per-click and you can also attract email subscribers and generate leads from this traffic.
  • C) More publications pick up the infographic: The exposure you receive from the authority placements gets other publications to notice your infographic and then publish it. This helps you earn natural links, just like Google loves. Then, you receive even more referral traffic from the additional placements earned.
  • D) You receive priceless branding: When you consider the number of impressions received and the number of people that are exposed to your company name and website address, you realize just how much value is delivered from a successful infographic. You will not experience this with just any infographic. It takes a quality concept and the correct authority placements to deliver this kind of ROI.


Your Infographic Earns Links Without Any Extra Outreach

Check out the screenshots below, these are from the same campaign I’ve used as an example above. The infographic package we gave this client includes 10 top authority placements, all with DA80+. However this client can also expect to earn links steadily over time because of the exposure these top placements deliver. Other blogs and websites will publish the infographic and link back to the clients website as the creator and source.

Below you can see a portion of the free links he has earned just over the past week couple of weeks. These are all extra bonus links gained through natural sharing of his original posts, and some sites will even continue to see new links several months after the infographic originally hits on the authority websites.







We find that the majority of our clients that purchase the infographic and placement package will come back to us for even more authority placements for their infographic, and when you take into consideration all of the earned links that come free, it really makes it a smart SEO investment. As you add even more authority placements, you will then attract more free earned links, as the additional authority placements will give you even more exposure.

When you consider the value of all the links that the infographics will earn over time, combined with the value of the referral traffic, it makes this one of the most effective SEO strategies available today. People need to understand that $500 SEO packages don’t cut it, and the real value is in strategies that provide long term value beyond just link building.

While most of our infographic clients will come back to us for more authority placements, some WILL perform local outreach and industry outreach on their own. This is something you can do internally or hire a virtual assistant to do. Blogs get pitched all day long, but infographics always command attention because website owners know their visitors love them.


The Referral Traffic You Pull in Would Cost a Small Fortune Via PPC

Personally, I feel that the traffic infographics can generate is the real value here. We build links to improve rankings and position websites at the top of the search results. Why? To attract traffic and quality visitors to our websites. Well, this strategy helps you bypass the rankings, and just sends high quality traffic directly to your website.

Yes, the links that are secured from the authority websites and then earned naturally do deliver a huge SEO value, but as well all know (or should at least) rankings can take time. Look at the title of this blog post again. The example I used through out this blog post and to get this title generated over 138,000 unique visitors for this particular client. That is a lot of traffic, so imagine what that traffic would cost if it was being purchased through PPC? It would be outrageous!

On AdWords, just paying $1 per click would cost over $138,000! Even if you were using cheap Facebook traffic from low cost countries, and paying just 10 cents per click it would still cost you over $13,800 just for the same number of visitors the infographic pulled in organically.

So, when you take into consideration the volume of traffic you pull in, the cost is easily justified, and remember that this traffic is coming from authority websites and is of the highest quality. If you run a campaign with Outbrain or Taboola, they charge you per click, placing you on the same websites that we secure for our clients infographics and the cost can be several dollars for each click.


You Receive Priceless Long-Term Branding

When a client orders an infographic, we provide them with a fully optimized blog post to accompany it, which is placed on their blog. Then, we secure you them five authority placements and they will then attract additional organic placements. Over time, more people will be exposed to their blog, seeing the infographic and sharing it, providing them with priceless long term branding. This is why I love this strategy, once set up and running it operates then almost on autopilot for years to come.


The Perfect Paid Promotion Content

Facebook ads can produce traffic that converts because of the targeting options they allow you to select from. Aside from location and age/gender targeting, you can select from interests and even target people that “like” particular pages. There isn’t a more effective targeting option among the other PPC networks, so I highly suggest giving it a try. If you’ve spent any time on Facebook recently and have SEO within your facebook interests, then you’ve likely already seen our SerpLogic ads plastered all over your timeline.

Most people will promote a landing page or a blog post, but if you really want to stand out, promote your infographic on Facebook. People that come into contact with your ad will be more likely to click through if they know it’s an infographic. This is why it’s very important to incorporate a strong call-to-action into the blog post that accompanies your infographic. Our content team handles this for our clients, as the blog post is part of the package we give them. We create a strong call-to-action that will convert their visitors into buyers. Common conversion goals include direct sales, email subscribers, leads form submits and phone calls.


Infographics are Content Assets You Can Use for Several Years

It’s important that you think of an infographic as a marketing asset. You can do manual outreach yourself, targeting industry blogs and even reach out to influencers, providing them a link to your blog post. As long as you have your share code posted to allow for easy publication, that includes a link back to your website, you can leverage the infographic several years down the road.



Link building packages and blackhat SEO that ranks keywords is such an outdated strategy. There are more effective ways to get your company name out there and suck in referral traffic around the clock. Our infographic package offers the most bang for your buck, and your infographic becomes a piece of content that continues to work for you for years to come.

You will notice referral traffic from your infographic authority placements trickle in month after month, and other blogs and websites will continue to publish it, creating a marketing asset that delivers exceptional long term value. If you are ready to experience amazing results, click here to check out the amazing package we offer. As always, if you have any questions please drop them below and I will do my best to get them answered as quickly as possible.

Tommy McDonald

Tommy is an SEO professional with years of experience running highly successful SEO companies, founded SerpLogic after noticing there was a major void when it came to options for SEO agencies needing a reliable and professional one-stop outsource solution.You can read all about me in the “About” page here on our blog!

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