Infographic + Placements

High Quality Infographics Help Your Business Attract Exposure & Authority Links

Infographics can be the best form of online marketing when they are done correctly. They are extremely popular, which has caused a lot of them to flood the market. Because of this, quality means everything. A poorly designed infographic that lacks creativity and interesting content will be skipped over, while a beautifully designed infographic with compelling content will attract high quality links, drive brand awareness, and send you more referral traffic than you ever imagined.

We have decided to put together an infographic package that includes:

1. Complete Content Strategy & Research

A professionally designed infographic that includes the content research and a custom design. These aren’t created with templates, ensuring that your infographic stands out and commands attention.

2. Premium Blog Content

A fully optimized intro blog post to use with your new infographic. We will post it to your blog before we secure placements. We will also work in a strong call-to-action within the copy, taking full advantage of all the referral traffic this will generate.

3. Guaranteed Premium Placements

Guaranteed placements on five authority websites, all of which are DA80+ and have a very large audience (think "Forbes", "Inc".. etc), some of these placements we sell on their own for $2k and $3k+. Not only do you get the link benefits, but you will also put your brand in front of a HUGE audience and benefit from the referral traffic. Think of what you would spend per click for an AdWords or Facebook PPC campaign to attract real targeted traffic. Get ready for your Google Analytics to show you just how powerful infographics can be..

4. High Quality Guest Post Outreach

Now, because of the websites we get you placements on, it’s going to draw so much attention to your infographic that you are going to earn natural links, just the way Google loves. Your infographic becomes a valuable content asset that will attract links and visitors long after we are done securing your authority placements.

Here is an example of the infographic quality you can expect!

Now, let’s take a look at some recent placements we secured for a client. Check out the DA on these..



And look at some natural links they received from other blogs posting the infographic!


Our infographics generate so many social shares and page views on authority websites, which translates into referral traffic and earned links for a long time to come.

There isn’t a more powerful traffic and branding strategy available.



If you are serious about your business, order the most effective online marketing package today!


What Is The TAT?
TAT is around 25 - 30 Days. A full report will uploaded to your client dashboard on completion.

Can I Approve the article beforehand/ Can I use my own article?
No we do not allow approval before posting, nor can we allow your own article to be used. There are several reasons for this including quality standards set by individual webmasters. Our quality is of the highest standard and we're confident you'll be pleased with the end result.

What about dead links?
They don't happen often, however we will always replace a dead guest post link free of charge!

Can I See A Report?
Yes of course. Click Here to see a sample of the infographic. The outreach posts will vary from client to client, but here, here, here and here are some of the websites we've recently secured placements on for clients.


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