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The word on Every SEO’s Lips..What is HARO?

If you’ve been following me on BHW for a while or been a reader of my blog you’ll need no introduction as I’ve spoke about HARO and it’s endless benefits countless times, you’ll also know we use it a lot.. thus have gained quite a bit of experience there.

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HARO or Help a Reporter Out

is an amazing resource for brands looking to gain exposure and mentions internationally or in BG industry trade publications. Some of the world’s largest sites ask for sources to comment up to 3 times a day.

Ever looked at your competitors backlink profile and thought “how on earth did he secure a placement there”.. 9 times out 10, HARO is your answer!

Here’s the Problem

It’s not that simple! HARO is hectic – dozens of requests are sent up to three times a day and they all need to be combed through for suitability. You then need to create a pitch that stands out from dozens of other PR professionals and even after that you may not get published or mentioned. It’s time consuming and disheartening and few have success!

Our Digital PR Solution

Our service takes all of the hassle out of HARO and we provide you with a campaign manager and fully trained team that possess the skills required to find the right opportunities and answer them in a way that gets journalists attention and in turn gets you published on some the most amazing publications around.

The Results

You get amazing placements (we guarantee at least a 10% uptake in link placements per pack.. the aim is obviously of course), mentions and links on high quality and relevant media that will increase your brand awareness, grow your website’s traffic and also help your SEO. It’s a great quality, hands-off service that makes for some fantastic results and will help take your business to the next level!

This is Serious Digital PR

We basically take all the hard work, time, stress and headaches out of managing HARO campaigns, if you know.. you know.. and those that know will see the sheer value in an offer like this a mile off, as always – those are the clients I’m after.

HARO Campaign Management – INTRODUCTION Pack:Write and respond to 20 HARO pitches – $1297

(We are testing demand here, if it’s there we’ll add additional bigger packages!)

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H.A.R.O is used Daily by over 1 Million Sources and 75,000+ Journalists all looking for information (which results in links).. from small blog and news sites, to the BIG BOY sites.

The Big Boys? Think along the lines of – The WSJ, TIMES Magazine, Fox News, MASHABLE, The NY Times.. to name but a few!

You’ll be assigned your own project manager that will be with you every step of the campaign. This is a very unique service being offered just to our list right now, when it goes public this will explode and spaces will become limited, I’d suggest trying it now out now while you have this exclusive opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

TAT is around 6-10 weeks – it depends on your industry – obviously requests for say marketing input or health input will be more common than input for a camping site.

All work is tracked and delivered in a spreadsheet – meaning you will be able to see the specific pitches we submitted queries to and also the answers sent back and forth, you’ll also get a report of successful placements.. we guarantee a 10% uptake but obviously shoot for more..

This is serious digital PR for serious brands looking to get some amazing exposure.. Please don’t waste my time with silly questions etc or spammy niches – we must point the journalist to solid content/info (not crap) within our pitch in order to secure a link. Do your homework first on HARO would be my advice.

Refunds would be sent should a full report not be delivered within the TAT stated above, once started (within 24 hours of paying) no refunds will be issued unless we fail to meet the TAT.

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