Logic Link Diversity Packs

Diversity is key

A well rounded campaign will always have some links from public properties, it’s only natural that they would! This is where our Logic Diversity Packs come into play. They’re great for adding diversity to your link profile, as well as powering up stronger tier 1 links.

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Improved Quality Content

Since we originally sold these packs we’ve made a big effort this time round to improve the content immensely, the problem with these public properties is links being removed.. if you give these properties quality content like we do, then you have much less chance of a link being removed!

Several Different Link Platforms

Included in the packs are several different platforms.. ranging from web 2.0 blogs to directories and premium blog commenting. We cover most link types, while maintaining quality throughout.

Perfect For Diversifying Your Link Profile

These packs are great for diversifying your link or anchor profiles, they are also perfect for powering up your more premium tier 1 links and placements.

Lots of Social Shares

As with most diversity packages we’ve thrown in a load of Social Signals, these help let Google know your site is becoming popular.. they also help with indexing!

How It Works

  • Pay & Submit your Keywords and URL - Then Relax yourself!
  • Our team will get to work on your project
  • On completion a Full report will be uploaded to your client dashboard.



  • 5 Web2.0s Parasites
  • 10 Pbn Posts
  • 10 Brand Builders
  • 5 Audio Sharing
  • 5 Video Submissions
  • 5 Artist Portfolios
  • 10 Brand Identity
  • 10 Q&A Links
  • 5 PDF Sharing
  • 1000 Social Signals
  • 1000 Tier 2 Links
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  • 10 Web2.0s Parasites
  • 20 Pbn Posts
  • 15 Brand Builders
  • 10 Audio Sharing
  • 10 Video Submissions
  • 8 Artist Portfolios
  • 20 Brand Identity
  • 15 Q&A Links
  • 10 PDF Sharing
  • 2000 Social Signals
  • 2000 Tier 2 Links
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  • 15 Web2.0s Parasites
  • 30 Pbn Posts
  • 20 Brand Builders
  • 15 Audio Sharing
  • 15 Video Submissions
  • 12 Artist Portfolios
  • 35 Brand Identity
  • 20 Q&A Links
  • 15 PDF Sharing
  • 3000 Social Signals
  • 3000 Tier 2 Links
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Frequently Asked Questions

Turn around time is normally around 30 working days.

These are diversity links guys so they’re on public properties that anyone can use, you’re paying us for the work you couldn’t be assed to do. If you are worried about the safety of links on public properties then don’t send them direct to your money site, send them to quality tier 1 links like our Outreach Links.

We recommend using natural looking keywords. We do NOT accept anything pharma, gambling or porn related

I’m afraid not.

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