Logic Social Verification

So, you want the verification badge? Get in line. Everyone wants it, but very few will ever get it.

We have the ability to verify Facebook pages and verify Instagram accounts, we can also help with obtaining usernames (prices of those vary so contact support to discuss). But, this doesn’t mean your crappy spam account will get verified. Social Media Verification is ONLY for accounts that actually deserve to be verified.

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Musicians, celebrities, public figures and notable companies.

If you are a dreamer that wants to be verified keep dreaming, because it isn’t going to happen.

Now, there are two things you need to take into consideration before reading any further…

This is NOT cheap

The cost per verification is a flat $5000. If this is NOT in your budget, please do not waste our time. We are 25% cheaper than every other company offering this service.. their prices will range from $7k upwards, no flat rate.

Make easy payment

We take payment via TransferWise or PayPal (contract can be issued to protect both parties if necessary)

Also, we will ONLY take you on after we evaluate your account. We are not here to waste anyone’s time, especially our own.In order to see if your account is even eligible you must complete the form below.Here are some things to keep in mind…


We can do Profiles and Pages.

These can’t be littered with fake fans. If you want your Facebook page verified it needs to represent a public figure, someone semi notable or a company that people are aware of. So, if you think your Facebook page is worthy, complete the form below and we will let you know if we believe it stands a chance to be verified, along with what steps to take next in order to get the blue badge.


This is the hardest social media account to verify.

There is a good chance that our initial evaluation will reveal your account isn’t eligible, but we are more than happy to have a look. The most important thing for Instagram Verification is online press and media, this is essential.. if you don’t this we can help with that (that’s our main business), if you already have plenty of online press we can get accounts done VERY FAST.

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