Premium Links From Newspapers and Magazines

Are you ready to stop wasting money, and more importantly time, chasing premium links from newspapers and magazines from the top websites?

There are many people that claim they have access to them, but truthfully, there are only a handful of providers that have direct access to them. SerpLogic has what you are looking for: top quality links from the biggest sites in the world. We also have access to premium links that you can’t get from anyone else.. very rare placements no one else is offering.

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Rare links from the largest sites in the world

These are the most sought after links available. Not only do you get the amazing SEO benefit of high Domain Authority links, but the placements are on the largest websites in the world. This means excellent branding for your business and valuable referral traffic.

Links Will Always Be King

Content is King? No, links are King, and content is just a means to get links. Don’t believe all the guru BS that’s out there. If you want to rank on top of the SERPs and attract real buyer, you need to acquire links from the top websites. We can get you all the links your little heart desires.

We Take Care of Everything

If you were to attempt to secure these links on your own you would have to spend a lot of energy, time, and money to even attempt it, without any guarantee of success. We handle everything for you. We create the content and secure the placement. All you have to do is click the button at the bottom of the page.. order the links you want, and we deliver. This is 100% hands free, and more importantly, stress free!

SEO Benefits and Laser Targeted Referral Traffic

What do these links do? They drive your website up in the SERPs and they drive your traffic and sales up. If you want upward movement across the board, you need these authority links.

October 2021 UPDATE - Our list has been updated and now includes over 100 Premium Editorial Placements and 50+ Full Featured Post options too.

We do not show the list publicly no longer, you must request the xl sheet by opening a ticket with our client dashboard.

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