Casino SEO – SerpLogic’s No BS Getting Started Guide

Internet Casinos. Digital Bookmakers. 21st Century Betting.

Call it whatever trending term you want.

Just know that the Online Gambling niche is big f**king business.

Projected market revenues of approximately US$107.30bn in 2024 big f**king business.

With some 4,972 (and counting) registered, global casinos and online gambling businesses out there straining at their proverbial leashes to rank higher daily on Google than their 4,971 competitors – there’s never been more crucial time for the booming number of deep pocketed industry giants to grab Casino SEO by the balls.

When it comes to Online Gambling providers ranking high above the rest, driving organic traffic to their site and turning some of those 243.2m users by 2028 into their paying, albeit responsibly gambling consumers – an effective Casino SEO strategy is essential, sink or swim stuff.

We’ve put together a short No BS Getting Started guide for anybody in the Online Gambling or Casino SEO game who’s serious about optimizing websites, improving online visibility and outranking the competition on leading search engine results pages.

But first…


Before You Start -Here’s How our Casino SEO Agency is Grabbing SEO by the Balls!

Take it from us…Casino SEO is not the same as Traditional SEO as we know it.

In order to consistently, strategically smash Casino SEO and target beautifully the current 26% of the global population who now choose to gamble online – understanding how leading search engines handle the massive, increasingly competitive Online Gambling niche really is the essential, often foolishly overlooked, Step One.

While the Online Gambling niche may be big f**king business – all things virtual casinos, slot machines, sports betting and card schools etc generally get a bad reputation and the thumbs down from the sophisticated minds and powerful acronyms behind the likes of Google – that take in and spit out some 8.5 billion daily search queries.

Off the back of said search engine reputation comes constantly evolving, strict rules and regulations for global Online Gambling providers that govern their offerings. Strict rules and regulations that must be factored into any effective Casino SEO strategy.

We could litter this publication with snippets from up-to-date Gambling Acts and EU and UK regulations that are put in place to protect gambling consumers. But…

What’s important, as a starting point, is appreciating that these measures are in place to ensure consumers worldwide can enjoy a safe, enjoyable experience – and learning to

embrace change and adapt what you know about Traditional SEO to make it work for Casino SEO, tick all the Online Gambling compliance boxes and help clients (or you) rank their website higher than an Eagle’s eyeball out there online.

Let’s look first at where consumers will spend most of their time.

On that website…


Is That Website Utter Sh*te?

There’s no nice way to put it.

Would you spend your time and money on a sh”te website?

Don’t expect tech-savvy consumers with an Internet flooded with trusted, high-ranking competitors at their fingertips to do so either.

Almost 75% of online casino players out there are choosing which offering(s) to give their time and money to – based heavily on how its website looks, feels and performs.

In a world where we now have access to more than a billion websites, there really is no excuse for having a sh*te one. Believe it or not, things have come a long, long way since the days of dial-up and death by text-only HTML pages.

Without going balls deep into UX and UI 101, every reputable Online Gamblingesque website will be fast-loading, user-friendly and mobile-optimized from end-to-end.

In line with all the red tape and regulations that comes with the territory of Online Gambling, websites must be well-structured, primed and ready to handle huge volumes of user traffic at any one time – and boast (and actually be!) a real service with real measures of security to reassure consumers that providers aren’t just out for their credit card details.

Optimized to house an ever-growing range of flashy, constantly updated virtual games – a solid offering will be developed using just the right balance of real, quality content, backlinks and relevant keywords – that are strategically, consistently injected throughout and developed to live happily on a well-crafted, bugfree, easy-to-use website.

De-sh*teifying and crafting an all-singing, all-dancing Online Gambling website that makes consumers and leading search engines alike happy may at times come with some necessary financial expense; it may even of occasion send you round the bend; UX and Design Teams may bang their heads against their desks; and there may be many a back to the drawing board meeting.

But when it comes to Casino SEO success stories – trust us when we say having an utter sh*te website is an appetite for destruction for any Online Gambling provider.

This isn’t the ‘90s. If you offer tech-savvy consumers a sh*te offering – please don’t come crying to us when they take their time and 16-digit card numbers to your competitors.


Crappy Content Will Get You Nowhere

Ah…the age-old tale of quality content and beautiful, strategic SEO.

Not a hot topic we’ve ever shied away from, fluffed up or skipped over. Nor will we ever…


“Can we not just use AI to produce all of our content?”

“Will Google rank us down for it?”

“Do we really need to invest in one of those content writing humans?”

“Could we get our content from both sources and make it work?”

“What should we do?”


We’ve heard it all over the years. And for us, it’s like this.

Be it content for a website, blog or social media, we’ve put it out there in previous publications that Google’s official stance on AI-generated content is one of, “appropriate use of AI or automation”, is not against the guidelines – so long as said automated practices are, “not used to generate content primarily to manipulate search rankings”.

You don’t have to believe us – but ‘machine’ alone simply cannot generate real, shit-hot quality content that Google and other leading search engines rank high up there alongside ‘man-made’, shit-hot quality.

It may look and feel close to the real thing – but it always lacks that quality, human touch.

Whether you decide to put content out into the world that’s been pumped out by some fancy, free AI generator you found online – or written with love by a seasoned, real-life content writer who knows the industry and how to write (properly) for it – or perhaps a balanced blend of both – it simply cannot be crappy quality you’re putting out there.

Because it really will die a fast, often reputation crippling, death online.

Specifically for Online Gambling content – it must scream, “we’re genuine – you can trust us”. Every word must be well-written, well thought out and welcoming for every reader.

Real, original, no sh*te talk content – be it friendly landing pages, helpful how-to guides, game tips, engaging tutorials, hot topic industry trends or just general Internet Casinoeque copy – goes a long way in reassuring readers that the brains behind a particular offering are trusted, industry experts. Many of which readers are scanning through and interacting with said content as they decide whether to part with their cash based on what they see.

Keep both ears to the ground when it comes to new industry trends and changes; dedicate time to looking at what your competitors are doing and saying; pinpoint every hot keyword that readers and search engines are both looking for; and strategically, continually reflect your efforts throughout every piece of content you hit [Publish] on. You can thank us later.

Sure, shit-hot quality content (however it’s produced) has a much better chance of ranking high in the big, bad search engine world. But it’s not strictly all about putting out content for the sole purpose of keeping Google and friends happy…and so getting ranked higher.

Assess and reassess every word – and always put yourself in the shoes of the reader.

They’re the ones with their payment details at the ready…and all your key competitors on their phones and laptops.

Would you throw your money at an Online Gambling offering that looks like Optimus Prime and / or The Three Stooges churn out the content for?

We thought not.


Outrank Those Competitors With High-Quality Backlinks

We’re no strangers to high-quality backlink acquisition. It’s our bread and butter.

When it comes to Smashing SEO In 2024, we’ve previously (very explicitly) published the facts that dreaming of smashing any form of SEO game armed with not as much as an effective link building strategy in place is as foolish as putting on a chocolate condom.

And the Casino SEO really does fall under the exact same thinking.

High-quality backlink acquisition is the most essential component of any quality, successful Online Casino SEO strategy. And take it from us, effective Casino SEO link building strategy statistics are abso-f*cking-lutey essential for smashing your authority, online visibility and search rankings on Google. Without them, you have no chance of ranking higher than your competitors in leading online search results. You heard it here first.

Why? Many may ask. Well, because beyond simply analyzing chunk after chunk of content online, backlinks to this day continue to be the go-to ranking signal that Google uses to determine the quality and value of a specific webpage. A thumbs up vote for your content if you will – that holds the key to where you rank out there online.

Due to the nature of the Online Gambling industry, high-quality backlinks and their acquisition is much more difficult for Casino SEO than link building for other niches…but not impossible by any means.

Existing link building strategies as we know and love them simply will not cut the mustard for Casino SEO. Because, let’s be real, there’s no steady swarms of websites ready and waiting to add links out to virtual gambling offerings.

There’s so much depth we could delve into here – but to hit home to Google and the leading search engines that they should trust your Online Gambling website and rank it high above the rest of the industry giants in the game – sights must be firmly fixed on building natural links via valuable, shit-hot quality content that attracts organic traffic like bees to honey.

We have plans here at SerpLogic to elaborate further on Quality Link Building for Casino SEO Best Practices in the near distant future. But for now, we suggest that anybody who’s serious about Casino SEO success starts thinking about how they can interact and engage more with readers and their existing customers daily. And how they can put effort behind building trust and relevance for their offering during the process – in order to acquire more high-quality links and rank higher.

There’s so much more to effective link building than just crowbarring [Click Me] links into your landing pages and blogs and hoping for the best. For Casino SEO, quality link acquisition beat the quantity of links all day long.

Perfecting that secret SEO syrup required for the Online Gambling niche involves precise measurements of getting involved on trendings industry blogs and forums, being relevant via the use of quality keywords, hashtags and mentions on social media and engaging with target audiences and consumers where possible – and that’s just for starters.

Outranking leading competitors using high-quality backlinks is not a simple one-time task. Effective link building acquisition takes constant time, effort and technique. And with said time, effort and technique comes higher rankings, more visibility and traffic and outranking your competitors.

Trust us. We know what we’re talking about.


Get Out There And Grab Casino SEO By Those Balls

Grasping exactly how leading search engines handle the massive, increasingly competitive Online Gambling game; de-sh*teifying and crafting all-singing, all-dancing websites; putting out consistently shit-hot content; and acquiring high-quality backlinks just about scratches the surface of getting started with Casino SEO.

But it’s a start…and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nor will your Casino SEO success.

Casino SEO in all its glory is a daily, ongoing process. From optimizing web pages, producing consistently quality content, acquiring high-quality backlinks and everything in between (that we’ll revisit in future publications…so stay tuned).

When it comes to helping clients with building from the ground up beautiful Online Gambling sites – and quality content, equally beautiful Casino SEO, high quality backlinks, more traffic, more engagement, more conversations and more business…

Don’t trust your local bookies.

Trust SerpLogic to help you grab the Online Casino game by the balls.

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