A lot of you know that I promote SERPWoo on the Black Hat World forum. They gave me exclusive affiliate rights for BHW and an extra 20% keywords for anyone signing up through there and here on the serplogic blog.

While I have received some questions in the sales thread itself, I’ve already received a handful of private messages and emails that basically all asked the same thing:

What exactly does SERPWoo do?

The simple response is this: It’s the most advanced SERP tool in existence. Anyone that is just using a plain rank tracker is leaving so much information on the table. This is a tool that should be one of the $100/month subscriptions in this industry. Heck, it’s even worth more than that, but it’s not even close to that much. Plans start at less than $25 per month and if you are at all serious about SEO you need this. It’s not a sales pitch. I wanted to get the, “Yeah, but what does it cost?” question out of the way right away because for some silly reason people always want to know the price of something before they even look into what a tool can actually do.

It amazes me that people will pay $250 for a shitty “PBN” link on a page with 100 OBLs but they complain about a tool with a monthly subscription cost that could help them make so much money. The mentality of some people are their biggest competitor and they don’t even know it.

OK, check out my review and decide for yourself if you are willing to part with a few bucks each month for this badass SEO tool.


This is what’s under the hood of SERPWoo:

When you think about all of the data this tool pulls automatically you will see that you can eliminate your subscriptions to some costly recurring subscriptions, like Moz and Ahrefs. Those cost you money every month. You get a lot of the data you are paying for included in the SERPWoo dashboard, which allows you to cancel some tools and save money. You could cancel your Moz subscription (let’s be serious for a minute…the only reason people pay for Moz is to check DA and PA…the other uses are worthless) and sign up for SERPWoo and end up SAVING money each month. That alone should cause you to stop reading right now and get this tool.

If you are still reading that means you aren’t signing up now, so I guess I need to keep going with this review.


Social Data

All the normal social data like Facebook, Twitter, and such is pulled by SERPWoo for those that want to determine if social shares have anything to do with particular pages, terms, and websites ranking.


Ahrefs Data

Ahrefs is probably one of the most popular tools out there and SERPWoo includes all the golden data we all love from that tool. Less browsers open = more productivity spent ranking websites and making money. Go ahead and cancel your Ahrefs accounts, because the SERPWoo team has you covered.


Moz Data

The fact that people pay $99 a month for a Moz Pro account makes me cringe. SERPWoo makes Moz look like a little kiddie you and is ¼ the cost. But don’t worry, those of you that couldn’t survive without Domain Authority and Page Authority data can breathe a sigh of relief, because SERPWoo pulls all of that data from Moz’s API.


Whois Data

Having Whois data right at the tip of your fingers is good when doing competition research and if you are trying to uncover other websites owned by the same competitor. having this info front and center beats having to pull up a new window and perform a search and enter in captcha code to get the owner information. Does your rank tracker do this? Of course not, because SERPWoo is so much more than just a keyword tracking tool.


Old Dinosaurs Alexa and Page Rank

Do you still worry about Alexa rankings and good old Google PR? Then you are in luck because this tool even pulls that data. These are good metrics to glance over and this is a perfect example of the time this tool saves. It would be crazy to waste time manually checking these stats but having them pull automatically is a different story. This data can be used to analyze situations.


Uses for this tool other than just tracking keywords include:


Watch for Websites Moving into Your Territory

This is probably one of the best ways to use this tool. Yes, knowing where your own keywords are sitting is important, but don’t you think it would be wise to also watch everyone around you? Imagine if you could see that someone sitting on page 3 was moving fast, and jumped a couple pages. You would want to dive into their links and see what they are doing and build your defense up by replicating those links. This can not only push you up in the SERPs but also help you keep that competition behind you. This is smart SERP defense at its finest.


Do ORM? Then You NEED This

Everyone doing ORM needs this. Why? Wouldn’t you love to know the second when a new result popped up on the first pages of your ORM clients? This is a great way to attack before the damage gets out of control, making your job easier while also looking like a hero to your clients. Did I mention this makes your job easier? Yeah, this is not your regular “tracker” boys and girls.


Constantly Learn by Watching (Info Absorbing)

Want to become a better SEO? Then you need to always be learning. This industry changes so fast and so often. If you want to learn then fire in some competitors that you know only do white hat SEO and analyze their rankings, improvements, and strategy. Then, fire in some competitors that you know use dirty dirty black hat and do the same. You can even watch random websites in the crazy competitive and dirty niches like Viagra. The SEO lesson you will learn from watching them do their thing is priceless.


What do I really think?

This is the best SERP tracker tool available, because it is so much more than just a tracker. There a new trackers coming out all the time that just track keywords. This tool is constantly innovating and the team behind it will never stop making it better. If you are serious about SEO and ORM this is a tool that you need.

As I mentioned on opening this article you can get an Extra 20% keywords on your package by ordering through the SerpLogic blog here! Give it a whirl and let me know in the comments below how you get on.

Tommy McDonald

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