SEO Products

SerpLogic offers a specialized, in-depth SEO line that is quality backed. With SerpLogic, your site will receive the time and attention it deserves. SerpLogic guarantees real links, real rankings and real results!


Logic Outreach

Real Guest Posts on Real Sites

Logic Outreach is one of the only truly real guest post outreach services offered, designed to get you high quality links on real websites. We work with top journalists and editors to produce a custom piece of content about your business and place it on some of the most popular websites in the world. Not only does this help you build high quality links, but you also receive traffic from real people.

You don’t get these type of results from the spammy guest posts most SEO companies give you.


Logic Local

High Quality Local SEO Packages

Our local SEO packages are the most comprehensive and effective solutions for local businesses that are serious about top rankings and increased traffic. Let’s face it: most local SEO services don’t even begin to scratch the surface. They are ineffective and outright dangerous. Hiring an SEO amateur can completely kill your business overnight. Do you want to put your livelihood in the hands of an amateur, or do you want to know you have experienced SEO experts on your side?


Logic Infographics and Outreach

High Quality Infographic Design & Outreach Placements

You will hear SEO gurus talk about content being king these days, and it is, but for reasons that they fail to tell you. Content marketing is a way to get links in a way that stay somewhat within Google’s guidelines. Google doesn’t love high quality content; they love links. Their algorithm rewards websites with niche relevant authority links. THAT is why content it king. It’s king because it’s a means to get high quality links pointed at your website. That is why infographics are such an effective form of content marketing!


Logic Social Verification

So, you want the verification badge? Get in line.

Everyone wants it, but very few will ever get it. We have the ability to verify Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts. But, this doesn’t mean your crappy spam account will get verified. This is ONLY for accounts that actually deserve to be verified.


Premium Editorial Links

These are the most sought after links available

There are many people that claim they have access to them, but truthfully, there are only a handful of providers that have direct access to them. SerpLogic has what you are looking for: top quality links from the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Inc., and every other top media placement. We also have access to premium links that you can’t get from anyone else.. very rare placements no one else is offering.


Wikipedia Page Creation

Wikipedia is one of the most established and trusted resources online.

Wikipedia is monitored by editors that take their position very seriously. Spam links and listings are taken down before the link can even be indexed. We have a team of seasoned veteran editors (6+ Years) that create your entry with the precision and sources required to create a legitimate Wikipedia entry. We have never had one removed or flagged; that’s how good we are at this.


Logic Power

Premium PBN Posts.

When you order Logic Power, you get true private blog network links, because each blog is built in with real privacy and footprint avoidance in mind. They will be specifically built for your niche to make everything look completely natural. Simply put, we do it right!



Logic Infographics

One of the Most Powerful pieces of Content money can buy.

Most infographic designers will take your content and throw together a design without putting much thought into it. Our designers have been doing this for a long time and we currently do the infographic design and research for some of the largest SEO agencies in the world. Check out the samples within to see the difference!



Logic Video Ranker

Video SEO Just Got Easy!

This product is going to change the way you rank your videos forever. Forget the old redundant video ranking methods of yesterday, it's time to up your game with our newest ranking product!


Logic Press Release

Premium Press Release Service.. Huge Exposure!

Are you ready to be blown away with the traction your website gains when a professional Press Release hits major websites, providing your business with priceless exposure? We hope so, because with Logic PR, you get a quality press release that’s distributed throughout several of the top news outlets in the world.


Logic Tier Boosters

Add a little umph!

Use our Tier 2 links to add some "umph" to your SEO campaigns. Keep in mind these should never be sent direct to Money Sites - send them to your Tier 1 links.