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We have access to some of the top Education sites in the world – Yale, Harvard and more. A placement on a site like this is worth it’s weight in gold and will add serious authority to your site and a massive boost in your SEO too.

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The Biggest Authority Sites Around

We don’t go in for those spammed to death scholarship style links, these are the REAL DEAL.. actual posts on some of the biggest authority sites in the world.

High Quality Content

The writers we use here are either students at these schools or our skilled in-house writers. So you can be sure that the content will be of a very high standard, it has to be to get approved on these sites in the first place!

Sure To Impress Any Client

These are the sorts of links that will wow and amaze even the toughest of clients. Secure a few of these for your clients and watch how happy they are.

No Spammed Nonsense

Way too many agencies now are using those over spammed scholarship style links, Google isn’t stupid folks.. they’ve caught on to that now. You won’t get any of that Garbage here, what you’ll get is REAL posts on the REAL blogs of these institutions.

How It Works

  • Pay & Submit your Keywords and URL - Then Relax yourself!
  • Our Writers will craft the perfect piece of content. Your post will then be put in the queue for posting. Note that Stanford can take the longest, generally 30 days TAT is the norm with them all though.
  • On completion a Full report will be uploaded to your client dashboard.
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