12 “To Do’s” EVERY TIME You Publish a New Blog Post

12 “To Do’s” Every Time You Publish a New Blog Post I used to bag on the whole “content is king” movement, until I started to experience the benefits of creating quality content on a regular basis. In fact, I contribute a lot of my agency’s success to content marketing. Blogging is something that not only produces great results for me, but it’s part of my job that I truly love. Creating a great blog post is one thing, but leveraging it to attract readers, engagement, and conversions is

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wordpress seo

SKYROCKET Your WordPress Website’s SEO IMMEDIATELY Using These 15 Tips!

Improve Your WordPress Website’s SEO Immediately Using These 15 Tips WordPress is the CMS of choice for a large number of websites around the world. In fact, WordPress powers 26% of the entire web and controls a 59.4% market share in the CMS category. These stats show you just how popular it is, so there is a very good chance that you are running your online business with WordPress, so I wanted to put together a blog post full of tips that could be easily implemented and cost nothing more

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branding tips

Attract MORE SALES Online Using These 10 Branding Tips!

Attract More Sales Online Using These 10 Branding Tips If you conduct business online you are fully aware that in addition to a strong business brand, you need to have a solid personal brand. Consumers connect with people, not companies. This is why large corporations use celebrities to endorse them. The consumers automatically connect with the brand because of the celebrity. A lot of companies that have younger CEOs and executives are experiencing the benefit of personal branding, as they

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The Many Different MARKETING FACES of UFC Super Star “Conor McGregor”

The Many Different Marketing Faces of UFC Super Star Conor McGregor Conor McGregor is a beast, in and out of the octagon. He is electric when fighting, giving the crowd exactly what they paid to see, and he is a marketing genius that understands what buttons to push and how to conduct himself, making him one of the most popular UFC fighters in the history of the organization. If you read my blog on a regular basis you know that I’m a huge McGregor fan. I previously wrote an article about

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The Truth Behind Authority Link Pricing: Why They Are So Damn Expensive

The Truth Behind Authority Link Pricing: Why They Are So Damn Expensive “Wow, more than $1K for a single link? Why?” That is something I hear almost every single day. As my SEO agency, SerpLogic has evolved over the past couple years, we have focused on securing high quality authority links and media exposure for our clients. I can confidently say that we are one of the leading sources for top links with the most powerful metrics available. This is something that has taken a lot of time

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30193349 - this illustration concept shows the level of roi. return of investment is the gains compared to the cost.

The DEFINITIVE Guide to Understanding Your SEO ROI!

The Definitive Guide to Understanding Your SEO ROI I see so many articles about online marketing and how it’s hard to calculate the ROI that an SEO campaign produces. Sure, it’s not as simple as opening up an AdWords account and seeing the spend vs. the sales generated, but it can be done in an effective way. I decided to put together a post that contained all of the tips and strategies that I use to calculate the ROI for my own search marketing, but also for the many clients of SerpLogic.

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seo on steroids

SEO on STEROIDS: Over 35K Social Shares & 138K Unique Visitors from 1 Infographic!

SEO on STEROIDS: Over 35K Social Shares & 138K Unique Visitors from 1 Infographic! SEO has been constantly changing and evolving since the beginning, and you must be up to speed on current changes and trends if you want to stay above water online. What worked years ago will get you slapped silly by Google today, and what worked last year is already outdated. The biggest change that people still aren’t completely comprehending: it’s not just about keyword ranking any more. As a business

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[InfoGraphic] Why Long Form Content Performs BETTER & How To Create It

[InfoGraphic] Why Long Form Content Performs BETTER & How To Create It Content of more than 2000 words, often referred to as "long form content" gets you more social signals, links, online visibility and of course website Authority! We've put together a detailed infographic below highlighting some of the benefits, we also help you in understanding how to create it!

Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to SerpLogic.com with

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