Quora is an often overlooked site when it comes to marketing. However, when the rest of us are focusing on ranking in Google, growing our business via paid ads on Facebook, or cracking the YouTube algorithm – savvier people are utilising this Q&A platform to send quality, relevant traffic to their sites, while also building brand awareness.

Quora can be a fantastic source of traffic, as it’s often very relevant traffic and also because answers rank really well in Google. So, if you’re wondering how to leverage the platform read on: 

Quora is used for several reasons and is popular among the masses online for a variety of reasons.

In general, Quora is helpful for the following reasons:

  • It’s a powerful traffic source with increased exposure online
  • It’s an ideal way to build relationships within your niche 
  • It offers access to a wonderful array of topics for education discussions
  • It opens up access to a new community of users
  • It provides a long list of SEO advantages for modern businesses to tap into

These reasons demonstrate the power of Quora and all that it has to offer. In general, the marketing professionals enjoy using Quora because it drives in traffic and targeted leads to their site – essential in growing a site. Plus, it is a great way to build brand awareness as more and more people start seeing the company name on Quora. 

Creating a Quora Profile

The first step is to set up a proper Quora profile. 

For those already on Quora with established profiles, it’s important to take the next step and optimize everything to garner positive results. With the right use, your eCommerce results are going to skyrocket.

When it is time to set up the profile, please make sure a small portion of the bio is accessible and visible. This is a great way to promote your brand and start letting people know more about who you are.  

Here’s what a Quora profile should include when it’s time to set one up:

  • Areas of Expertise
  • A Comprehensive “About Me” Section
  • Interests
  • Geographical Details (Your City)
  • Previous Companies
  • Access to Other Social Media Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Remember, the goal is to diversify and make sure people are aware of your brand. This is why linking your social media accounts is a good way to generate leads. Users are going to realize you are the real deal and have a presence in the niche. This adds to your credibility and makes it easier for people to listen to what you have to say.

Find the Right People

It’s important to find the right people when it comes to following them. It’s best to find someone that speaks the same language and works in the same industry. This is when finding industry influencers becomes essential. They already have a following and are respected when it comes to answering pertinent questions and bringing people in. If you follow them, it becomes easier to see what they do and how it works so well.

If you are looking to follow someone, simply go to their profile and click “Follow.”  This will immediately show all of their activities on Quora.

Find the Right Questions 

 While the average Quora user can answer any question they want to, it’s important to be selective. You want to make the most of your time and stay as focused as possible. This is how the community will start to rely on what you have to say.

The best way to do this is to find industry-related topics and then go through the questions in these categories. You will easily find a long list of questions by doing this. The goal is to build your brand and become a common sight under these questions. While picking between relevant questions, you should look at the number of upvotes a question has. When there are loads of upvotes, it becomes easier to gain traction. This is when your answer is going to spread like wildfire and bring in new leads to your site.

Don’t be afraid of new questions either. This is a good way to get your answer right at the top as soon as possible.

Utilise Templates 

It’s good to have a template to work with. Set up a few answers that are relevant to your niche and save them. You can start to add to your collection as time goes on. The reason for doing this is to make sure those answers are ready to go as soon as a specific question pops up. Quora won’t care as long as the answer is helpful.

You can always make adjustments to the answers along the way (if necessary). This saves a lot of time on your end and allows you to answer more questions on Quora.

Answer Properly and Thoroughly

It is important to answer questions properly, so people find your answers helpful. This is the bare minimum. You should also look to stay as concise as possible because no one likes reading through large blocks of text!

If you are specific and focused, the average user will read through what you have to say. It’s also smart to have a bit of personality behind your answers.

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Be Relevant

Your audience wants relevant answers to relevant questions. This is why sticking to your niche is important on Quora. You will start to contribute easily and the leads will come in fast by doing this.

You should always look to work on specific niche-related pressure points that people want answers for. This is how you can build up answers quickly while answering similar problems.

It’s also smart to use keywords that people in your target audience search for. These keywords shouldn’t be spammed but can go a long way in helping gain traction on Quora. 

The one thing smart Quora users do is to engage often. This is essential because you want to look like a passionate expert in your niche. When you answer more and more questions, your profile is going to grow in stature. It’s also going to become easier to see your name race to the top as soon as they are put up.  

A good approach is to find Quora questions that are easy to answer based on what you already know. This is how you can build valuable answers.

You can also set up notifications to learn about specific discussions in your niche. It makes it easier to get on top of questions quickly without having to search for them.

Act Like a Pro

If you are an expert then it’s time to act like on while answering questions. You have to act like someone who knows what they are talking about. This is the only way people are going to trust your words.

So, how do you go about doing this?

According to experts, it’s best to add stats, references, and personal stories into the mix as a way to sound like the real deal. 

While doing this, make sure to stay as concise as possible with your answers. The goal is to add value while setting up references.

Advice for Creating Good Answers

Writing good answers is not as hard as people think. It’s all about following these four tips.

1) Answer Questions without Spamming Your Business

The idea is to answers questions without looking like you’re trying to sell something. No one appreciates being forced into something. You want them to appreciate your answer and then follow up by looking at your brand/byline.

This is more than enough to bring people in. They will take a look if they enjoy what you have to say.

2) Only Add Links that Add Value to an Answer

There has to be a reason for them to click your link. 

This means you want to showcase your value as an expert and make it important for them to click-through. This is when they’ll click and take a look at what you have to say.

3) Use Personal Pronouns

Yes, personal pronouns help build a connection and add personality to your answers. Using third-person language isn’t always helpful in these situations because it sounds robotic. 

You want to personalize the answer and make it easier for people to go through what you’ve written.

4) Include Visuals and Imagery

Images and videos are great when it comes to Quora. The average answer doesn’t take advantage of visuals and that’s why they lose out on potential leads.

Stay Honest

There is nothing worse than answering without a reason. You want to answer questions with as much honesty as possible. There is no reason to be aggressive as people aren’t going to appreciate it. 

You have to act as an individual while answering questions on Quora. Acting as a representative of your company is unhelpful and is going to take away from your answers. 

Remember, the value of a good answer cannot be stressed enough. You are quickly going to gain new followers by providing value through your answers. 

Don’t Spam Your Links

It’s easy to write up an answer and spam every post with links to your site. This isn’t the way to go. You want to show passion for the niche and that’s done by varying your approach. There are times when an answer can be given without spamming your site. Just answer the question and you will be in everyone’s good book including Quora’s. 

SEO for Quora

SEO is just as important on Quora as it is on Google. You want to make sure the right keywords are used as you look to answer new questions. With the right keywords, your answers are going to shoot up the rankings both on Quora and major search engines such as Google. If you take a look at certain keywords, several Quora questions pop up on page one. This is where you want to be and it starts with the appropriate use of keywords in your answers.

Of course, the Quora answers aren’t going to be helpful for your site’s SEO due to their “no follow” tags but they can help bring in more leads when they rank.

This all said, it’s very common for industry publications to look for individuals in the know on Quora and in turn to ask authoratative sources to provide them with information, help writing articles or to invite them to perform interviews. In turn, this leads to links and publicity.

It’s all about building a well-rounded approach to SEO and that includes high-quality answers on Quora.

Remember, Engaging Content is the Best

You should always look to participate with a purpose. This means making queries and not just answering questions all the time. A passionate person doesn’t just give out answers, they also ask important questions to learn more. You should do the same. This is also a great way to avoid spamming as you hope to progress on Quora and bring in new leads.

Paid Quora Ads

Quora has a built-in advertising program that can offer impressive results. You can run ads on the platform and generate leads through this approach. 

Due to how targeted each question is, you can generate several new leads with nothing more than well-placed and well-timed ads.

Generating leads is all about mixing things up on Quora. You will enjoy Quora Ads because it’s not as competitive as other similar programs. This increases your chances of seeing positive results and a higher conversion rate. Over time, your campaigns will lead to better results.

Quora can be a great way to get traffic and leads and provides a fantastic, relevant forum to really help grow your own online presence.


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