If you are not aiming to rank in google, don’t even start to begin with.

No, this isn’t a motivational talk for athletes. It’s a fact about your business’ website.

These days no business can exist without a site. Consumers want information fast and most of them look for it online. But your website’s information won’t be seen if it doesn’t rank on Google.

And there aren’t any shortcuts to make this happen.


Google ranks the top websites because it wants to deliver quality products to its audience.

Here’s what many people do wrong. Their websites contain features that impress the owners without giving value to the audience.

But Google only wants to impress your audience. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know what their potential customers really want. Google does.

Google’s algorithms are designed to search for websites in line with consumers’ needs. That’s why people spend large fortunes to improve their SEO and increase their ranking. If your website isn’t on par with these, you’ll never catch your audience’s attention.

Quality content, high definition images and engaging videos all make your website more attractive to an audience and more importantly to Google. And don’t forget to add the correct keywords to the mix.

Does all of this sound confusing? If you want your business to perform it’s time to learn.

Think about your current website. Will Google’s algorithms notice it or reject it? How do you even start making an impression?


How long does it really take to rank Google? Check out this infographic by The Website Group to find out whats really going on:

Courtesy of: The Website Group

Tommy McDonald

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