Why do you buy SEO services? To rank your website high in the SERPS to attract visitors and sell them something. The end goal is a conversion that puts money in your pocket. Nobody has ever signed up to my SEO services without the end goal being money related. Ranking #1 in Google just to say you are ranking #1 doesn’t pay the bills!

With RankUsNow just launching we have seen a lot of higher caliber clients come through than I was used to. They are selling high ticket items or generating leads for services that produce a huge dollar sale. Since we do a full onsite audit for every new client I decided to put a list of 9 things I’ve come across lately you should be doing to help improve your conversions. Ignoring these could be hurting your lead and sale numbers.

Ranking on top and getting huge traffic number are just part of it.. you need to get that traffic to turn into dollar bills for you!

After seeing so many websites come through recently that weren’t optimized correctly I figured I would help the community by making this list. These tips should be able to be applied to almost every website out there so most of you should be able to get SOMETHING out of reading this.


1. Have Your Call To Action Visible

Some might read this and think “no shit” but it would shock you if I showed you some of the websites we have reviewed prior to beginning a SEO package. Websites that I had no idea what they wanted their traffic to do when they got there. Nothing being sold. No offer. No form to fill out. Nothing!

It doesn’t matter if you are selling an affiliate product or trying to capture a lead.. you have to make the offer obvious. The offer needs to be in a place that nobody will miss it. Don’t make your traffic have to look for it.. because they won’t. They will leave your website quick and visit another site.

When looking at sites I make sure that I can spot the offer or action within 2 seconds of opening the URL. If I can’t see it right away that means the average visitor won’t find it. Even if your website is just a local business site and you want people to call you.. have the number up on top where it can’t be missed! I just got done looking at a local business that had their phone number in the footer and nowhere else. Retards!!


2. If You Offer a Free EBook Make Sure It Doesn’t Suck

By “doesn’t suck” I mean make it at least LOOK like it is worth someone entering their name and email address! Your visitor won’t know if your eBook is crap or not until they actually download it so I don’t mean the actual eBook.. but the image of the eBook and the title of the eBook need to make it sound like it isn’t a pile of crap.

I see so many eBook offers that don’t even have an image of the book and they have a generic title. I looked at a site the other day the was collecting emails for a weight loss CPA offer and the “free eBook” offer didn’t have a picture of it and the title of the book was: “Lose Weight Tips” .. would you download that? There is no value.. how many tips? What kind of tips? What will these tips do? Just the tip?

Spend $5 and have a Fiverr logo designer make you a eBook cover.. anything is better than not having a picture of it. If someone can visualize the product they will want it more. You have to put some effort in.. especially for a competitive niche like weight loss! We could rank that site #1 for the client and they still wouldn’t build their list because the offer sucked.

If I was making a eBook for weight loss after pregnancy I would make the name something like this: “10 Fat Melting Tips To Drop The Pounds Right After Pregnancy”.. they know how many tips.. they know what the target is (pregnant women) and “fat melting” and “drop the pounds” make them want the book enough that they will hand over their email address.


3. Don’t Ask For Personal Info

I’ve come across a lot of lead forms and there are good ones and there are ones that will scare someone away. You have to understand that people are scared to give you too much info at first. They don’t know you. You have to buy them a drink.. take them to dinner.. a little foreplay before taking them to the sack for a good seeing to!

You want to get their contact info, so a name and email address is mandatory. Do you need more? It depends on your offer. If you are preselling a CPA offer then a name and email is all you need. If you ask for more you will scare most of your traffic away.

If you are a local business like a dentist then you might want to get a name, email and phone number. Do you need more? No. The dentist can get all the info they need the first time they actually speak to the person on the phone.

I’ll use one site that we just audited as an example. It was a landing page that was collecting names and then sending the people to a credit report offer. The form to capture a lead asked for a name, email, phone number, and full address. This person should have ONLY asked for a email address. They don’t even need a name really. That much info will scare most off.. and those that do enter it might wonder why the actual offer is asking for the same info again and then leave before completing it.


4. Make Sure You Use Mobile Themes

Using themes makes it easy to quickly put up a website and you can save money from having to pay for a custom design and coding. Most of the new themes that are released are responsive but still I see many websites come through that look like they were made in 2001. They suck on mobile phones. You are going to get a lot of traffic from phones so if your site is ancient it could really hurt your conversions.

When we come across sites like this we really encourage the owner upgrade to a responsive theme or redesign their site to work good for everyone. Google even just said mobile sites are going to rank better so moving forward we really won’t even accept sites that don’t pass the mobile test. You can check your own site right here:



5. Y U NO HAVE Privacy Policy?

Authority sites have privacy policies.. why? Because they are real businesses and real businesses go out of their way to make their traffic feel comfortable enough to buy from them or hand over their emails and names. Even if you are just trying to rank a doorway page that leads your traffic to a CPA offer page you have to try to look legit.

Think I am full of complete shit here? Put a privacy policy on your website and include a link to it in your footer and also a link to it in your offer form. Then install a heatmap tracker that shows where all of your clicks happen on your site. Now watch how many actually CLICK on it! People want to feel secure and a simple privacy policy will help you get those that are on the fence or a little cautious.

Not sure how to make a privacy policy? Just Google “privacy policy generator” and there are a ton of options that will help you make one. I doubt anyone reads them all.. but just having one there might get you some extra leads and sales each month. What if a privacy policy earned you an extra 2 sales of a $30 CPA offer each month. That is $720 more every year by making one more page on your site and linking it.


6. Have Social Media Profiles

People are addicted to twitter and facebook so you at least need to have these accounts related to your website and linked to them. It takes 2 seconds to make these and you can use plugins that will automatically post your content on your social profiles. It won’t take any extra work and you will get people that aren’t ready to buy that will follow you on twitter and like your facebook page. Now every time your social media accounts are updated they see your offer again. If they are still interested and see it enough they will go back to your website and convert.

If you start to build a big social following use software to auto tweet and update FB. If they share your posts it can help you get more traffic in addition to Google. It is such as easy way to get more traffic and get people to come back to your website but over half of the sites I have looked at in the past few months through RankUsNow didn’t have any social profiles. It is something that I think you really need to do.


7. Show Your Big E-Penis

We joke here on the forums when people start thread to brag about crap like monies made.. but on your site you need to take your e-penis out and let everyone see it. What do I mean by this?

Showoff if you have something that will make the website look for official. If it is a local business that is a BBB member put up the logo. If it is a local business that has won awards make them into badges and put them near your offers. This can make people feel comfortable. Don’t put up fake shit because when someone uncovers it that will have a worse impact on your website.

If you get creative you can think of something for pretty much any website. Even if you are just dealing with a landing page that is a presell for a weight loss product do some research on the product. Was it ever mentioned on major websites? If it was make sure that you include those logos on your landing page and have a huge “AS SEEN ON” section. The power of the e-penis is HUGE

If your site is 100% black hat or rank and bank then use whatever you want

BBB.. Obama stamp of approval.. anything lol.. just make sure it looks like what you are offering is the best and your website is the best.


8. Connect Live Chat To Your Skype

What if you knew when there was someone on your site ready to buy.. but they had one question that you could answer in 2 seconds and it would make them buy. Why do you think so many websites have live chat? Most of you are probably on skype and have it open anyway to get a live chat program and connect it to your skype. I bet you wouldn’t mind replying to a few chats every day if it made you money.

There area lot of good programs that are only a few dollars a month and even cheaper if you sign up for a full year. It also gives people the sense of security that you are there incase they need anything in the future.

We signed up a local business for SEO service a few months ago that was selling products directly on their site.. electronic products. People ALWAYS have questions when buying laptops, TVs and stuff like that. After they installed live chat on their website they saw their sales number increase.. not because their keywords shot even higher (this is a competitive niche so movement is a couple places at a time).. but because they were able to talk to people that were almost ready to buy.. they could answer questions and even recommend products.

The person running the site was online working all the time so answering chat questions wasn’t a pain in the ass.. he was more than happy to do it when he saw the people go right to the cart and buy after helping them.

Tyr live chat.. I highly recommend it. If you really don’t think it helps after a few months forget about it.. but I think you will see a big difference.


9. Have A Contact Page

I mentioned the heatmap tool to look at how many people look at your privacy policy.. if you install this tool also use it to see how many people click on your contact page. So many websites I look at don’t even have a contact page. This just screams SCAM.. so take a minute and install a contact form plugin and make a contact page. If someone can’t even see a way to contact you it makes it look like the site is a total scam.

If your website represents a real business then by all means include your business address and full contact information on your contact page. If the website is just for an offer then you still need a contact page.. a way for visitors to contact you goes a long way. If you take my advice above about the live chat it will eliminate a lot of contact form questions but its still a good idea to have it.

Like I said in the beginning of this post.. this might seem like obvious things.. but after auditing a bunch of sites and seeing how many were missing out because they were ignoring simple stuff like this I felt it might help some people to be reminded of these.

If you have some of your own to add to the list be my guest! As always I hope you enjoyed the read.. Until next time.

Tommy McDonald

Tommy is an SEO professional with years of experience running highly successful SEO companies, founded SerpLogic after noticing there was a major void when it came to options for SEO agencies needing a reliable and professional one-stop outsource solution.You can read all about me in the “About” page here on our blog!

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