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Are you ready to be blown away with the traction your website gains when a professional Press Release hits major websites, providing your business with priceless exposure? We hope so, because with Logic PR, you get a quality press release that’s distributed throughout several of the top news outlets in the world.


A lot of SEO companies and so-called “gurus” will tell you that the press release is dead, but they are very wrong. Enterprise level SEO agencies that charge several thousand dollars a month use press releases month after month. Why? Because real businesses send out press releases when they have something newsworthy to share. The key is to do it the right way.

Most SEO companies will send out a press release to news outlets without it actually containing anything newsworthy. These releases will read like pure spam and, shockingly, won’t receive good distribution. Editors are trained to filter through bogus press releases and filter out the ones that exist only to get links. They quickly hit the trash bin.

Logic PR will write a great press release for any website, regardless of how boring it is. Our team of professional writers can create a high quality press release that contains breaking news that’s designed to attract the attention of top news outlets


The majority of press release outlets will allow three links to be embedded into the press release. Logic PR uses your brand or company name, a naked URL and then a link to an inner page, to make sure we avoid any issues that would occur if we were using exact match anchor text. Google understands that a lot of press releases contain spammy junk links, so we mirror the same approach real businesses use when syndicating news announcements. Logic PR also includes videos and images, giving your press release a much more professional look.


Professional writers are not cheap. That’s why a lot of PR firms can charge such outrageous rates. Their distribution isn’t anything special, they are simply covering the cost of over priced writers. With Logic PR, we write your press release using actual news related information, which is designed to command attention. This helps to attract reputable news sources and syndication platforms that will publish your press release.


People are more likely to share a news link on their social media profiles if it sparks interest and emotions. The more connected they feel, the more likely they are to share that particular link. Logic PR crafts interesting and relevant press releases that generate quality links across various highly trusted new outlets. This package costs $149 and the results produced make it an incredible value.

How It Works

  • Pay & Submit your Keywords and URL - Then Relax yourself!
  • Our Writers will craft the perfect piece of content. Your press release will be distributed to our network of journalists and Press Sites.
  • On completion a Full report will be uploaded to your client dashboard.



What is the TAT?
Turn around time is normally around 20 working days.

Can I Approve the Press Release before it goes out?
Yes, you will be provided with a draft to inspect and approve before the PR goes live.

What Keywords should I use?
We recommend using a natural looking keyword. Your brand or business name are perfect for Press Releases. We do NOT accept anything pharma, gambling or porn related

Do you accept Foriegn Sites?
I'm afraid not. We do however offer a UK targeted Press Release for clients looking for extra exposure in the UK. Reach out to us on the dashboard for more info.

Can I see a Sample Report?
Yes, Click Here to see a sample report.


  • After being hurt from an unnatural link profile penalty, I came to know about Tommy and his services. Although Tommy did not promise me he could get me out of the penalty (which in some cases were quite strong -40, and in other keywords not so serious -2), he has done a fantastic job so far with my link profile.

    Even though I came in wounded, he has taken it quite seriously when I asked to customize a few of the links on his services (to fix my previous mistakes).

    Overall, great service.

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    Jon Ferrel – Private Media Client

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