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One of the most POWERFUL pieces of content money can buy.. When done correctly!

Infographics can be one of the most powerful online marketing strategies you can use, but only when you do it right, which includes an infographic topic that is interesting, content that flows well and a design that captivates the reader.

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Most infographic designers will take your content and throw together a design without putting much thought into it. They work so well that everyone is trying to take advantage of their power, which has flooded the market with crappy visual content.

Check out some of our examples (Here and Here)..

Then compare them to some of the infographics you see out there. Our designers have been doing this for a long time and we currently do the infographic design and research for some of the largest SEO agencies in the world.

1. Full Content Research & Design Included

The content and the design of an infographic are equally as important as the other. You could have great content, but a poor design will ruin it. You could have horrible content and even the best design won’t save it.

When you order an infographic from SerpLogic we handle everything. You simply tell us what your website is and our content team will brainstorm a topic. Once you approve the topic they will perform the complete content research and present you with a layout. Once that is approved, our design team takes over and presents you with a great piece of visual content you can use to attract links and social shares, helping your website rank higher and driving more traffic to your offers.

2. Most Effective Link Bait Available

Infographics are such great link bait because other websites can easily publish them. If anything, they have to write a simple intro paragraph and then copy and paste share code and they now have a blog post their readers will actually enjoy and share. In return, you get a link to your website, which will help your SEO and also attract referral traffic. Just take a look at this screenshot, look at all those sites re-sharing an infographic we designed and managed to publish on HubSpot earlier this week.. FREE links!

The key here is to use a professional infographic. Website owners get infographics sent to them all day long, so you need to stand out. That’s the difference between an infographic that is a few hundred dollars and the ones we create.

If you are ready to experience what infographic marketing can do for your website, order today and we will deliver a piece of content that you can use for years to come. There is no shelf life when it comes to infographics. The topics our content team comes up with can be used over and over, as an evergreen content marketing asset.


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