Free Tools



Logic SERP Check

Our SERP Check tool allows you to enter a URL, it then pulls the Top 10 Keywords you are ranking for, we use the semrush API. Data on exact positions, as well as search volumes is also given.


Logic Site Grader

Logic Site Grader is an on-page kw optimization tool that gives an instant audit of your on-page keyword and SEO usage. This gives you the knowledge to change your site and cause a naturally higher ranking for your target keywords. Our grader analyzes your page and provides recommendations based on that information to make your site as dynamic in the search engines as possible.

Features: Keyword-matching title, description, KW and image tagging and kw density




Logic Spintax

Logic’s Spintax tool will take quality content articles, rich with keywords and phrases, and “spin” them. By spinning the articles we can create several meaningful and comprehensive articles from just one quality content piece.


Logic Anchor Creator

Keywords are a vital part of SEO, as search engines give more authority and weight to anchor texts that feature keywords or that are on-topic with the destination link. Simply generating a bulk of URL links will no longer rank your site in Google.  Logic Anchor Creator will compose rich keyword anchor tags to build with your projects.

Features: 1:1 and 1:multiple kw/anchors




Logic Suggest Scraper

The Logic Suggest Scraper focuses on finding the keywords and phrases to target which are related to your main keyword. We scrape the top suggestions given to you by Google and record them for you to easily copy.